the access to the venue is restricted by the following main obstacles:
  • the way from the main street to the entrance of the space is steps-free and steep 8-9°
  • the space spreads across two floors, one at ground level and one lower level and they are connected only with a staircase.
  • toilets are not wheelchair accessible due to narrow doors and small surface areas.
  • there are door steps, but we have installed ramps.
accessibility at this venue really sucks and we are very sorry for this but we are here for you. we are available to provide assistance at the event. don’t hesitate to contact us for any question or request for support during the visit and if you wish to see some pictures of the space. our email address is
UNI is close to our hearts and we all want to create a space where we can feel comfortable and safe. at any time you can come towards us at the entrance and tell us if you feel uncomfortable, if you have been part of an unpleasant situation or if you have noticed something unpleasant.

all people are welcome who treat their fellow human beings with acceptance and mindfulness and respect their space. discriminatory behavior will not be tolerated.

please be aware that you are taking up space in a room full of people. if you take up too much space with your body, your voice or your consumption, the people around you may not feel safe. it cannot be that a person has to leave the room because they feel uncomfortable, harassed, not perceived, not free, sexualized, discriminated - please leave UNI  if you notice that you do not - cannot - live up to this request.
are based on a prix-libre system. all the work we do from our UNI-collective is voluntary and unpaid. all the artists receive the same fee. when paying consider what you're able to pay and what it is worth to you.
UNI is a collective of artists, cooks, musicians, architects, etc. in a former fitnesscenter we come together and share the things we care about with others.
to all the the friends and dear people who support us in what we do; to all the artists who joined this event; to kanton zürich fachstelle kultur, stiftung temperatio, cassinelli-vogel-stiftung and migros kulturprozent.